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  • Strong Hamstrings Protect Your Stride

    We use our hamstring muscles every day. Hamstring injuries are common, especially among athletes involved in “sprinting” sports like basketball, soccer, and track. We explain what the hamstring is and how this muscle group keeps you in full stride.

  • Risk Factors For Hamstring Injury

    A soccer player’s leg slips out from under her, or a collision on the court stretches a basketball player’s leg in a quick, violent moment. Movements like these make the hamstring vulnerable. We explain the risk factors for hamstring damage, and list injury symptoms that should trigger a call to a Summit sports medicine specialist.

  • Tips To Prevent Hamstring Injuries

    Although hamstring injuries are common in certain sports, anyone can injure this muscle group that runs along the back of the upper leg. We explain how proper warm-ups and hamstring strengthening exercises can help prevent these painful injuries.