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  • Olympic hockey

    Dr. Skendzel Discusses Olympic Hockey And Injury Risks

    As Minnesota celebrates Team USA’s Olympic hockey win, Dr. Skendzel explains the injury risks common to hockey players.

  • The Most Common Injuries For Young Hockey Players

    Among youth and high school sports, ice hockey is statistically one of the safest. But a good safety ranking can’t eliminate all injuries. We identify and discuss the four most common injuries we treat in young hockey players.

  • The Hockey Equipment You Need To Play Safely

    Many consider ice hockey a dangerous sport, but statistics show that youth hockey is very safe—when played with the proper equipment. Whether an athlete is a beginner or a seasoned pro, we have a checklist of the protective gear needed to reduce and prevent injuries.

  • Tips To Prevent Common Hockey Injuries

    Hockey is one of the most popular sports in the country, and has a long history in Minnesota. We have tips to help you keep young players safe on the ice.

  • What Are The Injury Risks For Your Young Hockey Player?

    Is ice hockey the toughest, most dangerous sport? It’s not a hard argument to make. Hockey makes intense physical demands on players—and has a reputation for a high injury rate. But the injury rates for young hockey players—compared to other sports—may surprise you.