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McConnell Taping

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What is McConnell Taping?

McConnell taping is a tool used in physical therapy to address faulty joint movement, primarily at the patella (kneecap).

How does it work?

The physical therapist would evaluate the movement pattern of the patella and apply the tape in a manner to correct any abnormal tracking (movement). The taping method is a 2-step process, beginning with a soft, protective tape applied to the skin. A more rigid tape is then applied on top of the soft tape to influence how the patella tracks during knee movement. This rigid tape can be adjusted throughout the day to maintain the influence on the patella, resulting in decreased or resolution of the pain.

The patient would also be instructed in an exercise program to address strength, flexibility, and core deficits. The patient would be instructed in the appropriate taping technique, which may be required daily, until the issues are resolved. At that point, the tape would no longer be necessary and the patient would continue with the exercises prescribed.

What are the benefits?

Taping can decrease or eliminate pain.

What conditions/injuries does this treat?

Abnormal joint movement that can lead to anterior knee/kneecap pain, a very common complaint of people of all ages.