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Strain-Counterstrain Technique

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What is Strain-Counterstrain Technique?

This is a manual (hands-on) therapy that uses “passive positional release” technique.  In doing this technique the goals are to alleviate muscle, joint and connective tissue tightness.  Specific treatment positions are held about 90 seconds for orthopedic patients and up to 3 minutes for neurological patients.

What are the benefits?

In doing this technique it is hoped that the specific structure worked on is put on “slack” which causes a relaxation of a soft tissue or joint that is in a guarded or in a protective posture.  Following a release or decrease in protective posturing there will be a decrease in pain and tension in the structure involved.

What conditions or injuries does it treat?

This techniques can be used for all extremity (arm and leg) and spine injuries.

Who can perform Strain-Counterstrain Technique?

This is technique that involves specific training and practice to become proficient in.  One advantage to this technique is that is should be relatively pain-free for the patient.  This technique works well when done before exercise secondary to the specific body structure being worked on having less protective guarding and pain.