How do I prepare for surgery?


Our checklist walks you through the basic steps to take to be prepared for your surgery.

We’ve brought together the basics of what you’ll need to do to be best prepared for surgery. Your physician may have specialized instructions for you, and if they are different from what you read here, follow the surgeon’s directions instead.

As soon as surgery is scheduled:

  • Schedule a pre-operative History and Physical exam from your primary care doctor within thirty days of surgery
  • Arrange for transportation home from surgery and select a responsible adult to be with you for 24 hours after surgery
  • Arrange for care for young children for surgery day, rather than bringing them to the surgery center.

At any time:

Contact your surgeon if you have any change in your condition – such as a cold, fever, or an important change in the condition that you are having surgery.

Seven days prior to surgery (or less):

  • Complete your already scheduled History and Physical exam
  • Fax History and Physical results to the surgery center

One to two days prior:
If you haven’t heard from one of our nurses a day prior to surgery, reach out to a nurse at your surgery center location:

24 hours before surgery:

  • Take routine medications as directed by your physician with just a sip of water.
  • Refrain from eating and drinking anything after midnight.
  • Stop smoking after midnight before surgery and alcohol should not be consumed within 24 hours of surgery.
  • You can brush your teeth and rinse, but do not swallow the water.

Day of surgery:

  • Take a bath or shower prior to coming to the surgery center. Remove makeup and nail polish.
  • Wear loose fitting, comfortable clothes.
  • Bring: A copy of the completed history and physical form, insurance card, photo ID (or Social Security number if a child), hearing aid(s), glasses or contacts case (if applicable), and routine medications.
  • Leave at home: Rings, jewelry, valuables and cash.

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