Wellness at HealthEast Sports Center

Services available at HealthEast Sports Center

A two-story, 14,450-square-foot clinic and wellness facility at Woodbury’s HealthEast Sports Center is now open. We offer physician appointments, physical therapy and sports performance services, as well as wellness education classes such as yoga, nutrition and more.

Sub-specialty clinics

Experts in sports medicine, arthritis, foot and ankle, as well as hand and wrist provide clinic consultations for a variety of conditions and injuries.

Physical therapy

Your physical therapist is your partner in recovery. He or she will examine you and develop a plan of care using a variety of proven treatment techniques that help you move, reduce pain, and restore function. You’ll collaborate to establish goals. Your therapist and doctor will monitor your progress and connect you with additional health care resources if you need them.

Wellness Consultation

When it comes to health and wellness, it can be difficult to figure out where to start or where to go next to achieve your goals. A wellness consultation provides an opportunity for you to sit down with one of our wellness staff members and determine the best next steps to work toward your goals. We will also recommend which of our services would be most appropriate to help you move forward on your journey to wellness.

Group Exercise

Group exercise classes are a great way to get motivated and get moving. Whether you want to increase strength, get your heart rate up, or improve your flexibility, we have a class to fit your needs. Our instructors will provide the energy and motivation to get you through your workout. Bring your friends or come and make new friends!

Sports Performance

Performance specialists work with club teams and athletic associations to provide customized team training services such as general team conditioning, speed and agility, injury prevention, and more.

Personal Training

Performance isn’t just for athletes. We all need our bodies to perform well whether it’s at home as a parent, at work, or just daily living. Working with one of our performance specialists gives you an opportunity to physically improve where you need it most in order to perform at your highest level.

Community Education

Hear information straight from the experts at one of our presentations or workshops. Have an opportunity to ask questions and build your knowledge around many areas of health and wellness.


Meet one-on-one with our registered dietitian for personalized options to transform your relationship with food to support a healthier lifestyle. We can help with weight loss, sports performance, or nutrition to help meet your goals.

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