Trail Guidelines

Etiquette and rules of the road

Minnesota is the second most bicycle friendly state in the nation, and Minneapolis is among the top 20 best bike cities in the world. Minnesota boasts of hundreds of miles of paths, including excellent kid-friendly options, in richly diverse scenic landscapes. For ideas, check out our Recommended Trails for Families.

Each of us are responsible for knowing the rules. Here is a list of state trail etiquette and rules from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources:

  • Pass on the left when safe and give audible signal.
  • Stay to the right when others approach.
  • Yield to pedestrians and slower trail users.
  • Stop means stop.
  • Watch for traffic at intersections.
  • Keep your trails clean.
  • Take your trash when you leave.
  • Stay on the trail and respect adjoining property.
  • Help protect our natural resources.
  • Horses may be spooked by quiet bikers or in-line skaters, so make sure to let them know you are passing.

For more information on Minnesota trail rules, visit:
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Guidelines for Mountain Biking Trails

For state trails, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has additional safety tips for mountain biking:

  • Test the fit and function of your equipment before each ride.
  • In addition to always wearing a properly fastened helmet, add extra safety gear as appropriate.
  • Always yield the trail. Let others know you are coming, and call out “on your left!” before you pass.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and other trail users.
  • Ride to your ability and in control at all times.
  • Do not ride wet and soft trails.
  • Ride open trails only.
  • Lower your tire pressure for better traction control.
  • Lower your seat to help keep your center of gravity on long downhills.
  • Use your brakes intermittently on rough terrain.
  • Bring repair equipment, it could be a long hike if you have mechanical problems.
  • Always keep your speed at a level that will allow full control.

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