Effects of Exercise on Arthritis [Video]

Ask the Expert: Arthritis Video Series

Effects of Exercise on Arthritis

Wondering about exercise when you have arthritis? Instincts may tell you to avoid exercise, but you may be surprised at the positive effects of exercise on arthritis as we answer the question: “Does exercise help or hurt my arthritis?” Listen to Summit Orthopedics’ experts share the insights they’ve gained in their years caring for those struggling with arthritis symptoms as they discuss the effects of exercise on arthritis. Featuring arthritis specialists Kristoffer Breien, MD and Jonathan Biebl, MD.

About Dr. Kris Breien

Dr. Breien’s approach: “I tend to be more conservative in my approach, reserving surgery as a last option. In essence, I strive to care for patients and their problems in the same manner my family and I expect to be treated when we seek medical attention.”

Dr. Breien’s education: Dr. Breien received his undergraduate degree at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado. He went to Creighton University for medical school and his residency at Creighton-Nebraska University Health Foundation in Omaha, Nebraska.

About Dr. Jon Biebl

Dr. Biebl’s approach: “Whether an athlete or non-athlete — eight or eighty years old — the goal is optimal results. We take the time to listen carefully and communicate with patients about their diagnosis and treatment plan.”

Dr. Biebl’s education: Dr. Biebl received his undergraduate degree at Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, Minnesota. He went to the University of Minnesota for medical school and had his residency in orthopedics Minneapolis Veterans Hospital in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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