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Shoulder Care

The shoulder specialists at Summit Orthopedics are experts in shoulder care from evaluation to diagnosis to treatment, which may include physical therapy or surgery. They’ll help return your range of motion so you can enjoy life more fully, whether that means throwing a 95-mile per hour fastball or tossing snow across the front walk.

Talk with a shoulder specialist

We take a conservative, non-surgical approach first whenever possible. If your shoulder injury or condition is more serious, or when conservative measures fail to give you relief, your specialist will discuss the next steps, and together you will determine whether surgery is the right plan.  Get started by scheduling an appointment with a shoulder specialist at one of our convenient Minneapolis St. Paul clinic locations.

Meet Our Team of Orthopedic Experts

At Summit, each physician works alongside a team of professionals to care for you, our patient.

No joint in the human body has as great a range of motion as the shoulder. It’s essential for baseball pitchers, indispensable for painters, and vital for the rest of us in our everyday activities.

When the tendons in the shoulder that provide mobility become inflamed, tear, or are affected by changes to surrounding bones, they cause pain. The discomfort may occur when you try to move your arm above your head, behind your back, or straight out in front of you. The pain might be temporary or it might continue and worsen.

If pain starts to affect your daily life, so that you are struggling and can no longer clean or dress yourself, or go to the grocery store, or do the other things you need to do to take care of yourself, then it’s time to come in to get it evaluated. Treatments for shoulder injuries cover a wide spectrum from conservative to surgical.

Summit Quality Data

With a remarkable 99% patient satisfaction rate, we take immense pride in our achievements, yet we understand the dynamic nature of healthcare. We’ve diligently gathered post-surgery data for every patient, facilitating the assessment of patient progress, refining treatment strategies, and enhancing our overall proficiency. By sharing our data, we aim to empower patients, enabling them to make informed decisions and take charge of their healthcare journey.