Arthritis Care: Knee, Shoulder, Hip

From evaluation and diagnosis to prevention, restoration, and rehabilitation, we provide a wide range of conservative and progressive care options for joint conditions. Awarded prestigious Joint Commission Advanced Certification for Total Knee and Total Hip Replacements.

Arthritis Specialists

The wear and tear from a lifetime of physical activity, as well as injuries, can damage joints – points in your body where two or more bones come together. When that happens, we carefully consider both surgical and nonsurgical treatments to find your best options based on your unique situation.

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Conservative, nonsurgical solutions

Joint preservation is a way of restoring pain-free function to the knee, hip, and shoulder joint without surgery. The goal is also to delay the start of degenerative arthritis in young, active patients.

Steroid Injections:

Medication is placed directly inside the joint to reduce pain and swelling.

Physical therapy:

Helps increase your range of motion and strength, and decrease pain.

Anti-Inflammatory Medications:

Oral anti-inflammatories can be effective at decreasing swelling.

Activity modification:

Low-impact exercise (such as cycling and swimming) are recommended.

Unloader Braces:

Distributes force and pressure away from the worn area of the knee.

Joint replacements and surgical options

Summit has been awarded the Advanced Certification for Total Hip and Total Knee Replacement through The Joint Commission, the leading accreditation body in the United States.

Total knee replacement:

We use minimally invasive techniques and the most current advances in total knee replacement surgery for optimal accuracy and implant performance.

Partial knee replacement:

If only one area of the joint is arthritic, we replace only the damaged portion of the joint, leaving the rest of the healthy knee untouched.

Posterior and anterior hip replacement:

Old damaged bone of your joint surfaces is removed and replaced with metal, plastic, and/or ceramic components.

Shoulder replacement:

The old damaged bone and cartilage are removed and replaced typically with a metal ball and plastic disc for the socket.

New Recovery Experience

Summit introduced an innovative and popular new option for joint replacements. Surgery takes place at one of our surgery centers followed by a stay in our Care Suites, which are styled like an upscale hotel environment.

We use the latest pain management methods to reduce postoperative discomfort as well as the most advanced therapies to speed recovery. We also perform joint replacement surgeries at local hospitals. Together with your surgeon, you’ll discuss options for your unique situation.

Dr. Breien did both of my knee replacements. Everything went great. I am now pain-free in my knees and can walk 5 miles.

Carol's comments For Kristoffer Breien, M.D.

Dr. Daly is a doctor whose bedside manner is beyond any doctor I have had for my care. He treats me with compassion and care for the issue I might have at the time. I have had numerous surgeries with Dr. Daly and his expertise is bar none. If you ask me what my experience has always been with him - 10 being the best - I would give him a 20. Thanks.

Survey Feedback For Peter Daly, M.D.

Dr Drogt is so very easy to understand and takes the time to listen to the health problems I have.

Survey Feedback For Jack Drogt, M.D.

Dr. Dane Hansen did an OUTSTANDING job of following me post surgery! I appreciated his competence, compassion, and thorough knowledge of my specific needs. He gave me confidence in my ability to recover.

Survey feedback For Dane Hansen, D.O.

Really liked Dr. Pepin - he spent quality time with us which was unusual for physicians who we have had that operate and then practically disappear.

Survey feedback For Scott Pepin, M.D.

Dr. Perra and his staff are second to none. Always kind, caring, expedient and knowledgeable.

Survey feedback For Jerome Perra, M.D.

Dr. Stroemer and staff demonstrated not only outstanding professional skills but took the time to invest into me as a 24 hour patient who has just experienced an intense operation procedure.

Survey Feedback For Erik S. Stroemer, M.D.

Doctor Wickum was phenomenal in his knowledge, attitude, and assessment, and consultation concerning my injury . I was extremely happy after his diagnosis and with his treatment advice. He was very professional, made me feel relaxed and confident after I left the office. I highly recommend Dr. Wickum and hope I do not see him again (professionally!) Thank You Doctor!

Survey Feedback For Daren Wickum, M.D.

Advanced Certification for Total Hip and Total Knee Replacement

Award-winning, advanced facilities

Summit Orthopedics’ Vadnais Heights Surgery Center received The Joint Commission’s Advanced Certification for Total Hip and Total Knee Replacement. The center is one of a select few to receive the prestigious certification. Learn more. We track the results of our care; learn what to expect after a total knee replacement.

Awarded Blue Cross Blue Shield Blue Distinction Center+® for Knee and Hip Replacement

Blue Distinction Center+® is the highest award given by Blue Cross Blue Shield. It demonstrates more affordable care in addition to quality care, treatment expertise and better overall joint replacement patient results.

Summit’s Vadnais Heights Surgery Center serves as a center of excellence for hip and knee replacement surgery.

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This assessment walks you through a series of questions based on internationally accepted research to give you an evaluation of your hip or knee joint. While nothing can replace speaking with a physician, this is a great place to start learning more about your joint health and next steps.