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The knee specialists at Summit Orthopedics provide comprehensive care for the full spectrum of conditions and injuries impacting the knee. When appropriate, their focus is first on non-surgical treatment, using customized conservative tools such as injections, medication, activity modification, bracing, and physical therapy.

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We take a conservative, non-surgical approach first whenever possible. If your knee injury is more serious, or when conservative measures fail to give you relief, your specialist will discuss the next steps, and together you will determine whether surgery is the right plan. From meniscus tears to ACL reconstructions and complex total knee replacements, Summit’s knee surgeons have the advanced training and expertise to provide consistently impressive outcomes.

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  • survey feedback For
    Amy Beacom, M.D.

    Amy was confident and clear with her appraisal of my injury. She was able to identify the next steps clearly, and was sure to discuss the rational for future assessment. I  don’t think I have ever felt this confident that I will get the best care, and  outcome from a another medical professional.

  • carol's comments For
    Kristoffer Breien, M.D.

    Dr. Breien did both of my knee replacements. Everything went great. I am now pain-free in my knees and can walk 5 miles.

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    Peter Daly, M.D.

    Thankful for Dr. Daly and his team – given me my life back – amazing.

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    Jack Drogt, M.D.

    The surgeon was recommended to me by a nurse based on work he had done on her family members. Best advise I’ve ever gotten.

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    Jeffrey Furmanek, D.O.

    I’m impressed! I work in this industry and know how important the customer is and I felt that not only was my care top priority but my experience was as well.

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    James Gannon, M.D.

    Dr. Gannon and his team provided excellent care during my visit and gave me the best possible treatment advice and plan. I am more than satisfied and grateful!

Understanding knee anatomy

The knee is a perfect hinge mechanism, stabilized and cushioned by a well-orchestrated system of ligaments, cartilage, and muscles. Unfortunately, your knees take a beating every day. Athletics, work duties and even chores around the house can take a toll. A sudden twist the wrong way, an aggressive sudden movement, or the cumulative effect of long-term wear and tear can ultimately lead to failure in one or more of the structures in your knee.