Hand Therapy

Summit’s hand therapists work closely with you to maintain or rehabilitate your hand's range of motion.

The ability to use our hands sets us apart from most of the world’s creatures. Our hands are truly indispensable, helping us manipulate eating utensils, maneuver steering wheels, and deliver the all-important two-strike curveball.

An injury to our hand, wrist, elbow, or shoulder and the resulting disruption to the intricate arrangement of joints, cartilage, and bones, can make even simple tasks challenging. That’s why it’s important to be seen by hand care specialists and surgeons who are among the region’s experts.

Summit’s hand therapists are specially trained to assess and treat injuries from the hand up to the shoulder. They’ll work closely with you to develop a home exercise program, and partner with hand surgeons should you require surgery.

We can’t promise you’ll be doing handstands, but in short time, much of the world will be well within your grasp, literally.