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From evaluation and diagnosis to prevention, restoration, and rehabilitation, we provide a wide range of conservative and progressive care options for joint conditions.

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Award-winning, advanced facilities Summit Orthopedics’ Vadnais Heights Surgery Center received The Joint Commission’s Advanced Certification for Total Hip and Total Knee Replacement. The center is one of just two nationwide to receive the prestigious certification. Learn more.

The wear and tear from a lifetime of physical activity, as well as injuries, can damage joints – points in your body where two or more bones come together. When that happens, we carefully consider both surgical and nonsurgical options in deciding what’s best for you.

Preservation. Joint preservation is a way of restoring pain-free function to the knee, hip, and shoulder joint without surgery. The goal is also to delay the onset of degenerative arthritis – a joint disease caused by cartilage loss in a joint – in young, active patients. Examples of nonsurgical treatments include physical therapy, lifestyle modification, exercise, injections, and bracing.

Restoration. In some cases, replacing a damaged joint through surgery is the best option. Summit introduced an innovative new option for joint replacements and it has been a very popular option for patients. The surgery takes place at our Vadnais Heights Surgery Center or Eagan Surgery Center followed by a stay in our innovative Care Suites, which are styled like a hotel environment. We use the latest pain management methods to reduce postoperative discomfort as well as the most advanced therapies to speed recovery. We closely track the progress of your outcome to ensure the best results possible. We also perform joint replacement surgeries at local hospitals. Together with your surgeon, you’ll discuss options for your unique situation.


Christine's story:

Dr. Castro recently performed surgery on my foot for a bunion and arthritis. Before the surgery the pain increased to the point of limiting enjoyment of walking, travelling and gardening. It affected my sleep and every step. After the visit with Dr. Castro and… Read More.

Colleen's Story:

Colleen Wandmacher was far from home when she realized that her knee needed medical help. “I had arthritis in my right knee,” she admits. “At first, it wasn’t terribly painful, but as time went on, it bothered me more. I thought that as long… Read More.

Comment from patient satisfaction survey:

Dr. Furmanek and his PA’s are excellent. They discuss my progress, showed me my x-ray results and are all so friendly and pleasant. I always feel when I leave the office that all my questions are answered and I know the status of my… Read More.

Nancy's story:

Dr. Tracy Rupke replaced my right ankle due to arthritis, bone on bone joint. I was very nervous regarding this surgery and I have had several surgeries. I must say, my new ankle is magnificent! I am able to walk without pain, I can… Read More.

Lucy's story:

I met Dr Rodriguez for the first time this week.. I was delighted with her personality and knowledge. She gave me two injections.. something I have had a number of times in the past. Her approach was so wonderful and less painful I almost… Read More.

Comment from patient satisfaction survey:

I went to OrthoQUICK because of pain in my right knee, a recurring problem because of an injury and Osteoarthritis. All staff persons were kind and attentive, and I saw the provider promptly. She ordered an X-ray, then explained the results and treated my… Read More.

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