Aquatic/Pool Therapy



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What is Aquatic/Pool Therapy?

Aquatic/Pool therapy is physical therapy treatment performed in water.

How does it work?

The patient and a physical therapist participate in a specific, guided exercise program in a warm-water pool.

What are the benefits?

Because of the buoyancy of water, exercising in the pool allows you to offload painful joints, which allows you to work at a higher level than on land.  The warmth of the water helps to relax muscles, decrease stress, improve range of motion and flexibility, and increase peripheral circulation (which can assist in healing).  The viscosity (consistency) of the water creates resistance to movement, which helps improve strength, balance, body awareness, trunk stability, and cardiovascular health.

Who is it suited for?

Aquatic therapy is for the young to the elderly as long as you do not have an open wound, significant cardiovascular system impairment, or allergies to the pool environment.

What conditions/injuries does this treat?

Many conditions can be treated in the warm pool, such as post-op surgical conditions (once the incision is closed), neurological conditions (stroke, spinal cord injury, spastiscity), arthritic joints, those with poor balance, and other conditions that don’t tolerate full weight bearing treatment on land.

Who can perform Aquatic Therapy?

Any physical therapist is qualified to treat patients in the pool; however, there are continuing education classes that are often taken by those who specialize in aquatic therapy.

Where can I do this?

While we do not have a pool at any Summit location, our therapists can instruct you in some basic aquatic exercises to perform on your own in a pool.

If your therapist recommends a more guided aquatic therapy program, we typically direct patients to Courage Kenny aquatic locations in Golden Valley, Minneapolis and Stillwater.

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