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  • Pinched Nerves

    Ask Dr. Strothman: When Is Surgery Effective For Pinched Nerves?

    When you have pain caused by a pinched nerve, it can be challenging to evaluate your treatment options. Although nonsurgical treatment is effective for 90 percent of spine pain, there are some specific conditions that are best treated by surgery.

  • lumbar radiculopathy

    Ask Dr. Wills: How Do I Know If I Have Lumbar Radiculopathy?

    Radiculopathy is a spinal nerve root condition caused by nerve compression, inflammation, or injury that can trigger back and leg pain. When this injury is located in the lower part of the spine, it is called lumbar radiculopathy. Spine surgeon Dr. Wills explains how lumbar radiculopathy is diagnosed.

  • Pinched Nerve Risk Factors

    Ask Dr. Wills: What Are The Risk Factors For A Pinched Nerve?

    One of the causes of arm or leg pain is radiculopathy, commonly referred to as a pinched nerve. Although not all of the causes of radiculopathy can be corrected by preventative measures, knowing the risk factors can help us take steps to keep our back healthy.

  • radiculopathy

    Ask Dr. Wills: What Is Radiculopathy?

    Our nerves transmit information to our brains. Spine surgeon Dr. Nicholas Wills reviews the relationship between our nerves and our spinal cord, and explains how pressure can disrupt nerve function, causing arm or leg pain.