Our spine team is committed to an active conservative approach that designs a treatment plan tailored to your needs. We know that 85 percent of our spine patients can be successfully treated with conservative therapies that do not involve surgery. Our team will identify the least invasive and most effective treatment options to treat your pain, restore your function, and prevent your pain from recurring.

Everyone deserves the highest quality of medical treatment available, but not everyone needs surgery. We offer safe, proven treatments that provide pain relief and help restore function so that you can resume your activities at work and at home. Our conservative approach can often make surgery unnecessary, or delay the need for surgery as a treatment option. We begin your treatment at the level of care you need: in most cases, you will see a physical therapist or a nonoperative spine physician. We don’t consider surgical care unless appropriate conservative therapies fail to deliver relief.

We believe in prevention. Comprehensive studies from every part of the world demonstrate the power of core-strengthening exercise to prevent back problems, and we have developed preventative core activation programs for low back and neck. We use these exercise programs with our patients and present them to our community as part of our commitment to wellness education. Our proven preventative programs can relieve back pain and restore function while strengthening muscles, improving balance, and maintaining the flexibility that reduces risk of reinjury.

Click here to view our downloadable guide to caring for your spine.

Our spine team serves our patients in a setting where every level of spine expertise is available to address your needs and provide solutions during your appointment. When your condition requires a consult or a referral, our team will discuss a solution tailored to your objectives and guide you to the specialist you need.

The certified training of our team in spine and back problems provides the expertise that every patient deserves. Our specialization makes us more adept at recognizing symptoms and tracing them to the root of a problem. We are intimately familiar with both common back problems and the symptom patterns of more complex conditions. We train in spine specifically, we see spine problems every day, and spine care is our passion. Most important, we understand that you are on a unique journey with very personal hopes and goals. We are here to support you with sensitivity and help you reach the outcome that matters most to you.

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