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The physicians at Summit Orthopedics have extensive expertise identifying the cause of hip problems and determining a course of action that makes sense for you. Treatments may include exercise, activity modification, or sessions with a physical therapist. In some instances, surgery in the form of hip replacement or hip arthroscopy may be recommended.

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In many ways, our hips are the body’s unsung heroes. They carry out a challenging, seemingly contradictory function to support our weight while at the same time allowing for motion in a variety of directions. Hips are critical to our ability to stand, walk, and run.

Though versatile, hips are not indestructible. A variety of problems can develop, including arthritis, fractures, inflammation, muscle strains, and even cancer. Common hip complaints include groin pain, clicking and popping, pain with certain movements, pain that moves into our thighs, and difficulty bending.

If hip pain is impacting your ability to do the activities you enjoy, the hip specialists at Summit Orthopedics will diagnose your condition or injury and discuss all the available treatment options with you.

Whether you’re seeking to ski the slopes of your favorite hill or simply walk upstairs without pain, we can help.